In any business scenario, call center always bears great significance as a central hub that links customers and organizations. And seamless call center integration, without doubt, grants businesses with strategic values and superior customer experience.

And many small and medium sized businesses are choosing for on-premises IT solutions, which will fit their special business needs. As for the telephony systems, VoIP (Voice over IP) has emerged in the last years as major technology providing all necessary features that enterprise grade PBXs can offer. One of the major functionalities that a VoIP system must provide are call center features, allowing SMBs to implement their own local call center and better serve their customers by phone calls.

Taking this step today is great step ahead of your competitor to serve by setting up a Customer Service Centre to provide quality after sales service and support,


  • Call center reporting
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Call distribution management
  • Track critical metrics and queue stats
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Call Queue
  • Music on Hold
  • IVR
  • ACD


  • Optimize agent performance and call center operations
  • Quicker and more accurate call routing
  • Decrease call abandonment
  • Enhance caller experience
  • Help achieve business’ maximum potential