Fibre Optics Installer Training

Fibre Cabling training course gives a complete in-depth understanding of the different types of fiber optic cable, connector & accessories types, fibre safety and their design integration , restoration & termination techniques.

The planned accomplishment is as follows:
• Describe Fibre architecture, its components and their functions
• Understand requirements and philosophy of the Premises Cabling System Standards
• Identify components in a structured cabling system
• Identify fibre cable types and their applications
• Calculate maximum distances for horizontal channels
• Define requirements for a Structured Cabling System on Campus, Riser and Horizontal link.
• Learn Occupational safety.
• Learn to lay, splice and terminate fiber optical cables in the drop closure.
• Calculate optical power budget
• Learn to use test equipment.
• Learn testing, recording test log reports and troubleshooting and Maintenance

This training module covers 3 days of theoretical & practical aspects of Fiber optics & provides hands on experience with instructor site experience.


1. Introduction To Fiber Optic Communications
2. History of Fibre
3. Pulse Code Modulation
4. Fibre Safety
5. Optical Fiber & Optical Fiber Cables
6. Fiber optic system components
7. Fiber optic connectors,
8. Fibre Optics Panels and enclosure.
9. Fiber optic Termination procedures (connectorisation / Splicing )
10. Fibre optics Tools (Testing and Installation)
11. Fiber optic network design:
12. Fiber optic testing :
13. Fiber optic cable plant documentation:
14. Fiber optic network restoration
15. Pulling Fiber Optic Cable ( points to remember )
16. Standard: ANSI/TIA/EIA-568B.3 :Optical Fiber Cabling Components Standard
17. LAB1: Cabling Survey / network design and BOQ
18. LAB2: Fibre Connectorisation (ST and SC)
19. LAB3: Splicing
20. LAB4: Testing