It’s estimated that up to 75% of network failures are caused by the physical infrastructure Industrial network data requires an efficient and unified physical infrastructure to travel seamlessly throughout plant and across the enterprise, Drivers couldn’t go far without a coordinated and well-connected highway infrastructure.

Likewise, An integrated physical network infrastructure is a strategic business advantage. Integrating critical information on a single, common network infrastructure – including data from the plant floor, purchasing, quality, logistics, sales and building automation systems – improves productivity, efficiency and security, and reduces operating costs.

The bedrock and backbone of a unified network is a well-designed and reliable physical layer The network’s physical layer encompasses everything needed to achieve connectivity and host applications to turn data into information and decision making– from conduit and cable, wireless access points to the network switches and the critical compute and data storage resources – as well the overall network design.

We work in close partnership with YOU to design an IT infrastructure that is specific to YOUR organization and YOUR evolving needs. We design a structured, engineered approach to the physical layer.

In Salcom Technology we have competent engineer that can evaluate, design and integrate your physical layers. Our focus is on the creation of a robust, scalable, flexible and cost effective environment. We understand that there is a balance between leveraging investment in existing infrastructure and new investment in an optimal solution.