Why spending so much? Why taking such risk of travelling either on Air/Land or Sea because of Meeting or Attending a training?

Video conferencing has become commonplace in businesses of all sizes. With an increase in remote work, video conferencing services are great tools for businesses to keep their employees connected with one another. 

With so many options available across Vendors, Salcom Technology has choosed the right video conferencing solution for your business.

Either you have Mini spaces and huddle rooms which are among the fastest-growing meeting room types today as businesses look to modern collaboration technologies to make better use of their office. The small design — seating up to four people — is ideal when you need a quiet place to join a video meeting or collaborate on a project. Smaller spaces have smaller budgets and require less complexity, so the technology in the room must be cost-effective and easy to use.

Out Solution is a perfect fit to address your Meeting Room / Conference Room.