CCTV/IP-Security Surveillance

Salcom Technology CCTV/IP-Surveillance will teach you about new products and systems, and stay current with Video security industry best practices.

This professional courses cover the entire CCTV / IP Surveillance system planning and design process as well as the specification, installation, set up and maintenance of key system components such as cameras, Wi-Fi IP Cameras, Networking, Fault finding & Troubleshooting, lenses, DVR, NVRs and cabling, Business Concept.

From cabling to the latest IP integration techniques, this 3 day course is the perfect choice if you want to become expert in CCTV/ IP Surveillance installation and integration.

Course Content

• Introduction
• History of Surveillance (Evolution)
• What is Surveillance and Surveillance System?
• Type of Surveillance
• Components of Surveillance System/ What makes up a CCTV system
• Analogue CCTV connectors, cable and power
• Power: Power over Ethernet
• Key differences between analogue CCTV and IP Video
• Cabling Topologies
• IP Video Technology
• How a camera functions – internal components
• CCTV resolutions / TV lines
• Lens
• Analogue and Digital Video Recording, NVR
• Lenses and sensors
• Interlaced vs progressive scan
• FPS – frames per second
• Focal length and lens choice
• Iris functionality
• Infra-Red
• Video Compression / Codecs
• Back Light Compensation and Wide Dynamic Range
• Advanced IP Surveillance features
• Surveillance standard
• Questions to ask before quoting for a camera system
• Surveying for CCTV
• Installation Practices
• Documentation.
• Maintenance / Troubleshooting.
• LAB1 – Survey /Design and BOQ
• LAB2- Assembling a CCTV/IP-CCTV system and Camera Positioning.
• LAB3: Settings and Configuration.
• LAB4: Mobile View Configuration
• Exam Test